RCM’s innovative cladding gives residential apartments distinctive look


RCM’s Supertech rainscreen cladding was applied to the recently built residential block of apartments in Waterlooville.  The Supertech colour which was used was ‘Sand Yellow’, which perfectly lent itself to the yellow brown brick colour, thus enhancing the overall look.

The main contractor was PMC Construction & Development Services Ltd, who in turn was supplied with the Supertech cladding by Encon in Fareham, one of RCM’s distributors.

Supertech is a simple to install rainscreen cladding system offering two surface finishes, painted and stained.  Both finishes offer an attractive alternative to traditional timber boarding and PVCu cladding.  It can be ordered in different widths of either 190mm or 230mm both with a thickness of 7.5mm.

On this occasion, using the depth of 230mm, the planks were a great fit with a 30mm overlap.  This in turn suited the bigger elevation of the building and the desired look was achieved. It also used less planks, and thereby reducing the installation time.

Supertech can be cut, drilled, nailed and worked in a similar fashion to timber and chipboard with standard wood working tools. Furthermore, it is resistant to rot, fungus and pest attacks.

Low in maintenance and with a long performance life, Supertech is an ideal choice when giving modern buildings a unique natural look, whilst being virtually maintenance free.