Products: Building Boards

  • Renderflex

    High performance dimensionally stable render carrier board RCM Renderflex is a high-performance cellulose fibre cement building board, offering excellent...

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  • Siltech

    Fire rated calcium silicate board RCM Siltech is a non-combustible flexible calcium silicate building board which provides superior workability due to...

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  • Caltech

    Insulated soffit liner RCM Caltech is an adhesively bonded soffit liner combining a non-combustible calcium silicate board (Siltech or Multipurpose), typically...

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  • DensGlass Sheathing board

    The No 1 Architecturally Specified Fibreglass Mat Gypsum Sheathing board DensGlass Sheathing is a high performance sheathing board that consists of a fibreglass...

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  • Y-wall

    A1 non-combustible, BBA certified fibre cement building board RCM Y-wall is a high-quality flexible calcium silicate based fibre cement building board,...

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  • Cemboard

    High-performance cement bonded particle building board RCM Cemboard is a rigid, medium density, high-performance cement bonded particle building board...

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  • Multipurpose

    A1 non-combustible, cellulose fibre cement board RCM Multipurpose is a highly versatile cellulose fibre cement building board, offering excellent strength,...

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