DensGlass Sheathing board

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BBA certified, A1 non-combustible,  Fibreglass Mat Gypsum Sheathing board

DensGlass Sheathing is a high performance sheathing board that consists of a fibreglass mat with a gypsum core, designed to provide a high degree of protection from the elements in external cladding constructions.

Widely recognised by the GOLD colour, DensGlass fiberglass mat gypsum sheathing board, has an exemplary track record that spans more than 30 years in the US market place.

Thanks to its ability to protect the building envelope against incidental moisture damage during and after construction, DensGlass  Sheathing is a preferred substrate under a wide variety of facades, such as:

  • Brick
  • Stone
  • Rainscreen Cladding


  • BBA Certified
  • A1 non-combustible
  • No1 Specified Gypsum sheathing board in the US
  • 12 months exposure
  • Lightweight
  • Scribe & snap
  • CE marked
  • Over 30 years in the market
  • Manufacturing standard
  • BS EN 15283-1:2008 + A1:2009

Standard board sizes

1200 x 2400 x 12.7mm (Longer lengths available to order, subject to minimum quantity)


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This is a scribe and snap board.  It may be cut using the score and snap method, no power tools are required.  It can be  drilled and nailed using conventional hand tools, offering many of the properties of timber.  Screws to be installed flush to the board surface.

Key applications

Sheathing board to

  • Rainscreen cladding
  • Masonry facades
  • Fibre Cement sidings
  • Timber Cladding
  • External Wall Insulation Systems

Suitable for the following construction types

  • Lightweight Steel Frame
  • Timber Frame
  • Modular / Offsite
  • Concrete Frame

Technical Data

  • 750 kg/m3
  • NPD W/mk
  • GM-H1
  • BS EN 13501-1 Class A1 Non Combustible
  • Level 10 ASTM D3273
  • Fleeced - Matt
  • NPD
  • 1200 x 2400 mm
  • 12.7 mm
  • 9.3
  • NPD
    • Fire Reaction Tests
      BS EN 13501-1:2007 + A1:2009 Class A1 Non-Combustible
    • Consult RCM technical services of specific fire resistance to BS EN 1364-1:2015 or BS EN 1365-1:2012
  • EN 15283
    • Steel Frame
      RCM 4.2 x 32 Tek screw
    • Timber Frame
      RCM 4.2 x 42 Tek screw


What applications can DensGlass be used in?

  • DensGlass can be used in sheathing applications

Which way round should DensGlass be fitted?

  • DensGlass should be fitted with the label to the outside

What is the fire rating of DensGlass?

  • DensGlass has a rating of A1 to EN13501-1.  This is a reaction to fire classification and should not be confused with fire resistance.

Can DensGlass be used as a permanently exposed external board?

  • No, DensGlass is not meant to be used as a permanently exposed external board. However, during construction it can be left exposed for up to twelve months with all joints treated with either RCM Tape or FP PRO Sealant.

Can DensGlass be used as a tile backer board?

  • No, DensGlass is not meant to be used as a tile backer board

Can DensGlass be used as a render carrier board?

  • No, DensGlass is not meant to be used as a render carrier board

What are the fixing edge distance and maximum fixing centres for DensGlass?

  • Minimum edge distance is 9 mm
  • Maximum fixing centre is 600 mm x 300 mm

How many fixings are required for DensGlass?

  • 27 No. fixings per 2400 mm x 1200 mm sheet when fixed in a vertical orientation
  • 25 No. fixings per 2400 mm x 1200 mm sheet when fixed in a horizontal orientation

What type of fixings should be used?

  • For fixing into SFS framing RCM FIX018 4.2mm x 32mm self drilling fixing with 1000 hr anti-corrosion treatment
  • For fixing into timber framing RCM FIX005 4.2mm x 42mm self drilling fixing with 1000 hr anti-corrosion treatment

What blade is suitable for cutting DensGlass?

  • Construction utility knife suitable for cutting gypsum based boards


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