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Insulated soffit liner

RCM Caltech is an adhesively bonded soffit liner combining a non-combustible calcium silicate board (Siltech or Multipurpose), typically 6mm thick, with an insulation medium of either mineral wool, EPS or phenolic.

Caltech is primarily used in soffit liner applications to bring un-insulated floor structures up to the current building regulations thermal requirements.

Available with a choice of boards in a wide range of thicknesses, RCM Caltech offers what we believe is the most extensive range of combinations available, all bonded with an ultra high-performance external grade adhesive.


  • Long term durable bond
  • Impact resistant boards from 3.2mm up to 12mm
  • Extensive range of options
  • 4 insulation mediums available
  • Integrates with other RCM products

Standard Board Sizes

Due to the many variables with insulation and thickness please contact us.


RCM Caltech can be drilled, screwed and nailed with conventional hand tools.

For cutting the product in any volume, we recommend the use of an RCM poly crystalline diamond Dart Blade to avoid excessive wear on other blades. Alternatively, RCM offer a complete fabrication service, please contact our technical department for details.

Key Applications

  • Insulated soffit liner
  • Housing
  • Commercial
  • Industrial

Suitable for the following construction types

  • Concrete Frame

Technical Data

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