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RCM are proud distributors of DAFA products. DAFA develop, manufacture and supply a wide range of sealing, absorption and protection products and total solutions for the construction sector and industry.

Sealing systems

DAFA sealing systems are tried and tested and suitable for the harsh northern climate. The sealing products are used to form seals around windows and doors or for joints in prefabricated construction. DAFA sealing products are a dry sealing solution and easy to install. RCM recommends using these products to achieve a professional and long lasting result.

General building range

DAFA Hi-tack tape™

DAFA Hi-tack tape is used indoors for bonding of longitudinal and trasverse joins in HiFoil moisture-adaptive vapour barrier sheet, andon ply-wood, chipboard, planed timber and metal.DAFA Hi-tack tape meets the stricter requirements of the new 2015 building regulations.


  • Colour/ dimensions – Grey / 60mm
  • Contents per box – 10 rolls of 25m each
  • DAFA item no. 620026588
  • EAN no. 5705636422374


  • Colour/ dimensions – Green / 60mm
  • Contents per box – 10 rolls of 25m each
  • DAFA item no. 620026587
  • EAN no. 5705636422367

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DAFA vapour barrier tape

DAFA vapour barrier tape is a part of DAFA AirStop System and is a strong adhesive tape for bonding vapour barrier foild.

  • Colour/ dimensions – Green 50mm
  • Contents per box – 12 rolls of 25m
  • DAFA item no. 620006596
  • EAN no. 5705636284484


  • Colour/ dimensions- Blue 50mm
  • Contents per box – 12 rolls of 25m
  • DAFA item no. 620005987
  • EAN no. 5705636266459

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DAFA UV tape

DAFA UV tape is a part of DAFA AirStop System and is perfect for taping vapour barriers, roof decking and wind barriers.

  • Colour/ dimensions – Black 60mm with logo
  • Contents per box – 10 rolls of 25m
  • DAFA item no. 620016905
  • EAN no. 5705636360164


  • Colour/ dimensions – Black 60mm without logo
  • Contents per box – 10 rolls of 25m
  • DAFA item no. 620026334
  • EAN no. 5705636425115

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DAFA double-sided adhesive vapour barrier tape

DAFA double-sided adhesive vapour barrier tape is a part of DAFA AirStop System and is a strong adhesive tape for bonding vapour barrier foils.

  • Dimensions – 30mm double-sided adhesive
  • Contents per box – 12 rolls of 25m
  • DAFA item no – 620015189
  • EAN no. 5705636349312

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Facades range

DAFA Façade Kit™

DAFA Façade Kit consists of a range of products made from foam, plastic and rubber designed to help in the installation of secure façade solutions. The products have a variety of characteristics that make them ideally suited to implementing façade structures that are both more secure and more durable.

The products are used in combination with other building materials made from e.g. steel, concrete, wood and glass.

The products are supplied in specially customised quality grades – tailored to the specific task of either absorbing vibrations, sealing against the wind and weather, or protecting building materials incorporated in the structures.

DAFA Façade Kit™

EPDM rubber sheeting

DAFA manufactures EPDM rubber sheeting to your specified measurements for flashing applications, etc.

  • EPDM rubber sheeting can be used for:
  • Rubber skirting on plinths, etc
  • Flashing around windows
  • Flashing on façade structures
  • Dimensions – Thickness 1.2mm (blue) and 0.8mm (green)

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DAFA Façade Kit™

DAFA House Wrap

DAFA House Wrap is used as a wind barrier in a ventilated, light external wall cladding. DAFA House Wrap may only be used behind cladding that is sealed agains UV light.

Dimensions – DAFA House Wrap is easy to roll out, with a low weight of only 95g/m². Rolls of 80m

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DAFA EPDM Adhesive

DAFA EPDM Adhesive is a solvent-based contact adhesive designed specifically for bonding EPDM membranes to approved insulations in addtion to wood, metal, masonry and other acceptable substrates.

Dimensions – DAFA EPDM High Track adhesive 5 liter bucket

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DAFA Sealing Tape

DAFAs sealing tape is a weatherproof and permeable sealing tape that prevents the formation of dry rot and mould in the structure.
DAFAs sealing tape is used for the external sealing of windows and doors and for various industrial sealing applications. The sealing tape slowly expands until it completely fills the joint – even into the smallest irregularities.

Dimensions – Covers seal widths of 2 – 40mm

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DAFA Butyl tapes

An alternative to joint sealant. We offer butyl products and solutions in all shapes and sizes for construction and industry which seal, absorb or protect.

Butyl is a flexible sealing solution, as the material is made from soft and adhesive rubber. The material can absorb movements, bounds extremely well and is particularly durable.

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Butyl 200 joint sealant

Butyl 200 is a non-hardening joint sealant used for sealing in a range of structures. For sealing purposes on a wide range of structures, where the butyl is applied in a “tight fit joint”. For example, in areas where there is a form of mechanical fixing (e.g. between a concrete floor and a floor sill). Used also in overlapping joints in moulding for caravans and for sealing joints in roof structures.


  • Tube, 310ml
  • Contents per box – 25 tubes
  • DAFA item no – 233400100
  • EAN no – 5705636098944
  • TUN no – 7974765


  • Bag, 580ml
  • Contents – 12 bags
  • DAFA item no – 620010694
  • EAN no – 5705636313764
  • TUN no – 1374824

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EPDM products with optimum flexibility

EPDM products are used for sealing tasks and to accommodate movement where Flexibility and elasticity are needed. They come into their own as rummber skirtings around plinths, flashing, spacers and journal bearings. DAFA manufactures manufacturers EPDM products to specification, so the product is always project-specific.

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