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Building Boards

There are three key types of fixing RCM supply for installing building boards:

  • 32mm self-drilling countersunk head, zinc coated screw – Recommended for Supertech weatherboard.
  • 42mm self-drilling countersunk head, zinc coated, 500hr screw – Recommended for all boards and Supertech weatherboard into timber.
  • 38mm counter sunk wing tip self-drilling tek screw, zinc coated – Recommended for Cemboard and Y-wall into metal frame

Please note – you can find specific fixing guides for all boards on the individual product pages.

For fixing applications in marine environments, please consult with our Technical Services Team.

Rainscreen Facades


There are 2 types of fixing methods used to fix facades/cladding panels to a timber batten or aluminium support system.

Visible fix using screws or rivets

Screw fixing is the easiest and most cost-effective way of fixing cladding panels onto a timber support framework.

Rivet fixing is used to fix the façade to an aluminium support framework.

We are able to supply both screw and rivet colour matched fixings alongside (or separate) to your façade order.

Secret fix

This method uses either adhesive or a horizontal carrier frame and panel brackets.

Adhesive can be used on timber or aluminium. The vertical carrier rail and panel are cleaned and primed then a bead of adhesive is located alongside a line of adhesive tape. This will achieve a clean seamless appearance.

The mechanical secret fix consists of hangers fixed to the rear of the board which are hung onto a horizontal carrier rail. These systems vary, depending on the façade / cladding panel used.

We are able to supply both fixing options for façade installation.

For more information on what fixing solution suits your project best please contact us.

Case Studies

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