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Today, wall insulation is required in most buildings.

Government and local building codes typically include minimum insulation requirements.  During construction of new buildings, cavities are often filled with glass fibre wool or rock wool panels placed between the two leaves (sides) of the wall.

Planning carefully for insulation results in reduced utility bills and superior comfort during the life of the building.

Many of the materials deal with heat conduction and convection by the simple expedient of trapping large amounts of air (or other gas) in a way that results in a material that employs the low thermal conductivity of small pockets of gas, rather than the much higher conductivity of typical solids.

Materials employed to slow heat loss are varied, but proper consideration also needs to be given to air-seal and moisture control.

In some buildings, there is also a second layer of rainscreen insulation which sits behind the façade of the building.

As part of an integrated through wall solution, RCM are able to provide quality insulation panels, as well as airtightness solutions.

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