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Facades designed to stand the test of time

Supertech Weatherboard is a simple to install, fully ventilated rainscreen cladding system which has an appearance similar to that of traditional timber cladding but the durability and strength of cellulose fibre cement. It benefits from both a A1 Non-Combustible fire rating and BBA Accreditation.

A single facet autoclaved cellulose fibre reinforced cement plank, Supertech Weatherboard is lightweight, requires little maintenance, is rot free, can be used in the same way as wood and allows you to create truly stunning facades.

Offering two ranges of finishes, natural timber effect stained and natural timber effect painted, Supertech offers an attractive alternative to traditional timber boarding and plastic effect PVCu cladding.

Supertech Weatherboard can be installed either horizontally in a traditional lapped style (most popular way) or vertically in a lapped, undulated or flat way.

Used by architects, national house builders, homeowners and contractors Supertech Weatherboard is factory finished and provides substantial design opportunities.

Supertech Weatherboard comes in two standard board sizes 190mm and 230mm. These sizes offer a greater coverage than any similar product on the market, representing a significant cost saving in time and reduced wastage.

A1 Fire Classification BS EN 13501-1: 2018.

Designed to stand the test of time

Made from reinforced cellulose fibre cement, Supertech Weatherboard has high levels of impact resistance, excellent weathering properties and outstanding levels of durability. It is a façade which will withstand the demanding test of time.

The entire system

The Supertech Weatherboard range comes with a full collection of colour matched screws, profiles and accessories.

Cutting and workability

Supertech is lightweight and easy to install. The weatherboard can be cut, drilled and nailed with conventional woodworking tools in a similar fashion to timber.

For cutting the product in any volume, we recommend the use of an RCM polycrystalline diamond Dart Blade to avoid excessive wear on other blades. Alternatively, RCM offer a complete fabrication service, please contact our technical department for details.


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  • A1 Fire Classification BS EN 13501-1: 2018
  • BBA Accredited
  • UK factory applied colour
  • Low minimum order quantities
  • High levels of weather resistance
  • Easy to install and lightweight
  • Range of colour matching aluminium trims available
  • Resistant to rot and fungus
  • Able to match to any RAL or BS colour
  • Low maintenance, long performance life
  • Excellent appearance without the imperfections seen in timber
  • Increases property value
  • Integrates with other RCM products

Key applications

  • Ventilated rainscreen cladding
  • Over-cladding for existing buildings
  • New build facades
  • Feature detailing
  • Sheds and summer houses

Recommended fixings

Supertech Weatherboard is installed using screws or nails in a secret fix method. There is no requirement for pre-drilling.  For the top and bottom planks where fixings are visible, we are able to supply colour matched fixings.

Standard board sizes

Thickness 7.5mm
3660 x 190mm
3660 x 230mm

Suitable for the following construction types

  • Lightweight Steel Frame
  • Timber Frame
  • Modular / Offsite
  • Concrete Frame

Download BIM object here

RIBA profile

Technical Data

  • 1380 kg/m3
  • 15.85 N/mm2
  • 6365 N/mm2
  • 0.30 W/mk
  • ≤8%
  • EN 13501-1 class A1-s1,d0 Non Combustible
  • Highly Resistant
  • Front Face - Woodgrain natural, stained or painted
  • Back Face - Textured
  • 30 years
  • 3660 x 190mm, 3660 x 230mm
  • 7.5mm
    • Natural
    • Painted or Stained
    • Length
    • Width
    • Thickness
    • Fire Reaction Tests
      A1 Fire Classification BS EN 13501-1: 2018
    • BS EN ISO 1716:2010
    • BS EN ISO 1182:2010
    • Physical Properties
      BS EN ISO 12467
  • 190mm - (sq meterage of elevation) / 0.5856 = no of boards required

Trims and Accessories

Colour Chart

A spectrum of colours for endless creativity

Supertech Weatherboard has a unique colour palette and comes in two standard ranges; painted and stained. Whether your project is rural or urban, it is important that the building blends seamlessly into the landscape. As a result, just in case we don’t have the colour you require in our standard collection, we are able to match Supertech weatherboard to any RAL colour. We offer small minimum quantities and short lead times as standard.

The wood effect stained collection

The stained collection includes 5 key colours designed to mimic the look of stained natural timber. It also includes a natural looking sealed option perfect for enhancing features such as windows and porches.

The striking and beautiful painted collection

The painted collection is made up of 18 of the most popular RAL colours used for weatherboard in the UK. With a range spanning from white to black, there is a colour to suit your landscape and create your dream project.

Please note that these colour swatches are a digital representation only and will not be colour correct. Please contact us or order a sample to see exact colours. If you would like a sample please click on the ‘add sample to basket’ button at the bottom right of this page and select your samples. Once selected you can add other products also, but please make sure you click on the sample basket at the top of the website to complete your request.

Available Colours for Supertech

  • Supertech weatherboard plank cladding timber effect rainscreen faa=cade RCM/WS02 - Wood Effect Stained Light Oak
  • Weatherboard plank cladding rainscreen RCM Supertech RCM/WS07 - Wood Effect Stained Aged Oak
  • Cedar Weatherboard cladding plank rainscreen timber effect RCM/WS03 - Wood Effect Stained Cedar
  • RCM Supertech Weatherboard Timber effect plank cladding rainscreen RCM/WS06 - Wood Effect Stained Ebony
  • RCM Supertech Weatherboard plank cladding timber effect decorative facade RCM/WP01/S - Painted Traffic White
  • RCM Supertech weatherboard cladding plank rainscreen decorative facade RCM/WP03/S - Painted Oyster White
  • Weatherboard Supertech Decorative facade cladding rainscreen painted timber effect RCM/WP04/S - Painted Light Ivory
  • Weatherboard plank cladding facade RCM/WP14/S - Painted Sand Yellow
  • RCM Supertech weatherboard decorative facades timber effect RCM/WP02/S - Painted Light Grey
  • Decorative facade RCM Supertech Weatherboard plank cladding rainscreen RCM/WP09/S - Painted Dark Grey
  • Supertech Weatherboard plank cladding decorative facade RCM/WP08/S - Painted Iron Grey
  • Painted Supertech Weatherboard rainscreen cladding timber RCM/WP18/S - Painted Grey Brown
  • Supertech Weatherboard by RCM cladding plank timber effect RCM/WP10/S - Painted Khaki Brown
  • Painted weatherboard Supertech cladding plank rainscreen timber effect RCM/WP11/S - Painted Dark Brown
  • Painted Blue Grey RCM Supertech Weatherboard facades RCM/WP17/S - Painted Blue Grey
  • Supertech weatherboard painted facades decorative cladding plank RCM/WP06/S - Painted Pastel Turquoise
  • Weatherboard plank cladding timber effect RCM/WP13/S - Painted Lilac Blue
  • Painted weatherboard Supertech cladding rainscreen facade decorative cladding RCM/WP12/S - Painted Lavender Blue
  • RCM Supertech Weatherboard plank cladding timber effect decorative facades RCM/WP15/S - Painted Red
  • Colour swatch pine green weatherboard cladding plank rainscreen decorative facades RCM/WP16/S - Painted Pine Green
  • Supertech Weatherboard decorative facade cladding plank rainscreen RCM/WP07/S - Painted Jet Black
  • RCM Suptertech Weatherboard Grey Green RCM/WP20/S - Painted Grey Green

Colour Disclaimer: Due to the limitations and inconsistencies of various display monitors, these colours may not be an accurate reproduction of the actual product. These images are intended as a guide only.


Case Studies

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