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Freedom of design without limits

BBA approved, Swisspearl coloured fibre cement panels give façades what they need: a face, individuality, character, texture, colour and, very importantly, a highly effective protective layer. The range consists of six different colour ranges, with the majority integrally coloured.

Swisspearl allows an immense range of possibilities for the design of façades, with an extensive selection of surface options, various types of joints and fastenings, and panel formats.

The Swisspearl fibre cement is an innovative and ecological construction material with a unique aesthetic appearance and excellent durability. Manufactured in Switzerland, Swisspearl facades are made up from 95% natural raw materials from the Swiss mountains.

Rear ventilated systems can be installed to a great extent regardless of weather and temperature and are quick and easy to install.

The proprietary processes pioneered by Swisspearl, with a special surface finish, sealed edges and back coating ensure optimal behaviour and durability of the panels, which have been proven over 50 years.

A Swisspearl façade is a cost-efficient and extremely economical building envelope which retains its value. Swisspearl façades have proven to be very energy efficient and are virtually maintenance free.

Fire rated to EN 13501-1 class A2-s1, d0 Swisspearl is suitable for buildings over 18m.

RCM offer a complete fabrication service for Swisspearl facades, please contact our technical department for details.

For more information please visit the Swisspearl website.


  • Fire rated to EN 13501-1 class A2-s1, d0
  • High levels of weather resistance and durability
  • Customised colours and colour match fixings available
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Recommended for buildings over 18m
  • Long life expectancy
  • Integrates with other RCM products

Key applications

  • External facades
  • Rainscreen cladding systems
  • Roof solutions
  • Interior design
  • Design led buildings
  • Soffits and fascias

Recommended fixings

Standard board sizes

Thickness 8 and 12mm

2530 x 1250mm
3070 x 1250mm

*Above board sizes need trimming 30mm off each dimension before using

Suitable for the following construction types

  • Lightweight Steel Frame
  • Timber Frame
  • Modular / Offsite
  • Concrete Frame

Colour Chart

RCM supply all of the colour ranges supplied by Swisspearl. The various colour families allow the unique character of the Swisspearl panels to be expressed in an almost endless diversity. Each range has a differing feature, with it being a different top layer, texture or iridescent surface coatings. Swisspearl also allow you to customise your own colour, allowing you to enjoy the benefits of a through coloured fibre cement board which meets your exact design requirements.

Please note that these colour swatches are a digital representation only and will not be colour correct. Please contact us or order a sample to see exact colours.

Integrally coloured panels


Carat panels are integrally coloured with a transparent lightly pigmented acrylic top finish shade.

Carat HR

The same as the standard Carat range but with a special surface finish to provide increased scratch resistance and a higher UV resistance.

Carat F-Colour

Integrally coloured with an opaque top layer which provides a slightly unsmooth surface. Allows for vibrant colours.

Carat R-Colour

Integrally coloured with an opaque top layer allowing for vibrant colours with an increased protection against weathering and UV radiation.


Avera are solid-coloured fibre cement panels with a vibrant texture never seen before.


These panels are directional, mostly integrally coloured and have an iridescent surface coating which is purely acrylic.


Through coloured fibre cement panels, with smooth opaque surface coatings.

Incora – NEW!

Integrally coloured every Incora panel is one of a kind. Incora is available in two natural cement colours: onyx and natural grey.The innovative Incora façade panel stands out through a vivid marble spreading pattern and a uniquely balanced interplay of colours.

Pre-coated fibre cement panels


This semi-translucent surface coating on a pure acrylic basis provides the classic fibre cement appeal with much visual depth to it.


Natural grey fibre cement panels with a fine-grained opaque coating.

Available Colours for Swisspearl

  • Kandor 11001
  • Kandor 21052
  • Kandor 37087
  • Kandor 63071
  • Kandor 69037
  • Carat-Sahara-7000-b-cmyk
  • Carat-Sahara-7001-b-cmyk
  • Carat-Sahara-7002-b-cmyk
  • Carat 7219 Agate
  • Carat 7070 Topaz
  • Carat 7071 Topaz
  • Carat 7073 Topaz
  • Carat 7080 Amber
  • Carat 7081 Amber
  • Carat 7082 Amber
  • Carat 7090 Onyx
  • Carat 7091 Onyx
  • Carat 7099 Onyx
  • Carat 7060 Sapphire
  • Carat 7061 Sapphire
  • Carat 7050 Jade
  • Carat 7052 Jade
  • Carat 7030 Coral
  • Carat 7031 Coral
  • Carat 7032 Coral
  • Carat 7033 Coral
  • Carat 7024 Black Opal
  • Carat 7025 Black Opal
  • Carat 7020 Black Opal
  • Carat 7021 Black Opal
  • Carat 7040 Azurite
  • Carat 7041 Azurite
  • Carat 7043 Azurite
  • Carat 7010 Crystal
  • Avera AV 000
  • Avera AV 010
  • Avera AV 020
  • Avera AV 030
  • Avera AV 040
  • Avera AV 050
  • Avera AV 060
  • Avera AV 070
  • Avera AV 100
  • Nobilis Black N 012
  • Nobilis White N 112
  • Nobilis Grey N 211
  • Nobilis Grey N 212
  • Nobilis Grey N 213
  • Nobilis Grey N 214
  • Nobilis Grey N 215
  • Nobilis Red N 312
  • Nobilis Blue N 411
  • Nobilis Blue N 412
  • Nobilis Green N 511
  • Nobilis Green N 513
  • Nobilis Green N 515
  • Nobilis Yellow N 611
  • Nobilis Yellow N 612
  • Nobilis Orange N 711
  • Nobilis Beige N 811
  • Nobilis Beige N 813
  • Nobilis Brown N915
  • Reflex 9000 Silver
  • Reflex 9020 Platinum
  • Reflex 9221 Black Velvet
  • Reflex 9222 Dark silver
  • Reflex 9230 Sunset
  • Reflex 9240 Blue Ice

Colour Disclaimer: Due to the limitations and inconsistencies of various display monitors, these colours may not be an accurate reproduction of the actual product. These images are intended as a guide only.


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