Covid-19 Update

31 March 2020

COVID-19 Update (March 30th)

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) has had a significant impact on the UK construction industry in recent weeks.  Many construction sites have already colosed, and more are closing each day.

We remain committed to keep everyone safe and, where possible, to keep you working.  Due to the significant reduction in business activity, effective April 1st, we will be temporarily operating a reduced staffing model. This decision has been taken to protect the business and its employees, whilst continuing to support our customers, where possible.  The key aspects of our current status and temporary operationl plan are as follows:

  • Our supply levels overall remain good.  While our stock of a small number of items is low, we have adequate stock of most items at our warehouses.
  • We are suspending our fabrication activity for the time being
  • We are temporarily closing our Scotland, Newcastle-under-Lyme and Cardiff branches; our Basildon branch will remain operational (though on a reduced hours schedule) as will our third party logistics providers.
  • Our in-house delivery from Basildon will continue to operate and we are also working with our external logistics partners to ensure we continue to meet delivery commitments wherever possible.
  • Our external sales teams will be temporarily ‘furloughed’ along with certain other employees.  Please contact our customer service team or the relevant director (details below) who will be pleased to assist you during this time.

We will endeavor to maintain our high service levels but would appreciate your understanding at this unprecedented time.

We will advise you of further significant changes. In the meantime, if you have any specific questions or concerns, please speak to one of the directors or email

Sales/Customer Service:

Vinny Ruane (Manager)           T:  01782 567083

Ian Quinton (Director)              M: 07825 238750


Ben Mitchell (Director)             M: 07879 481671


Jon Bourne (Director)                M.: 07833 241382


Jenny Roberts (Controller)      T: 01782 940899

Terry Murphy (Finance Director)    M: 07827 344066


Jackie Elmore (Business Support)  M: 07741 261770